Made together with Bluegru and PebLélé in 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam 2021. In the voting, we got 45th place out of 5700+ entries, as well as an honourable mention from the host. The theme was Joined Together. Itch.io

Better Hungary

A Hearts of Iron IV mod, adds fun/memey content to Hungary. Workshop

Star Boost

Made together with Jon and Lunate in 48 hours as part of the GMTK game jam. The theme was dual-purpose design. Itch.io


A JavaScript online game implementation of Cards Against Humanity. Self-hosted and supports custom decks. Github


An experiment to make a video editor with HTML/JS and FFMpeg. It's not very usable, but at least it works. GitHub

White Point

White Point is a somewhere between a parody of GTA 1 and a playable game. Play here. Download.