Star Boost

Made together with Jon and Lunate in 48 hours as part of the GMTK game jam. The theme was dual-purpose design.


This really simple game made with LÖVE took about a day. GitHub

White Point

White Point is a somewhere between a parody of GTA 1 and a playable game. Play here. Download.

White Point Multiplayer

A modified version of the White Point engine where you can play together. Play here.


de_garibaldi is the second CS:GO map I made. It’s set in a renewed old castle, much like de_cbble. Workshop

Catch that Jetpack!

A game made in 1 hour for the One hour game jam. Really simple, really short and really buggy. But what would you expect?
Got 61 points in the competition. Play here.


Ballpark is a simple online game, where you have to get a ball to a sqare by drawing lines for the ball to fall on. Play here. Download.


A half-finished game with the engine nearly done. Updated after a while with new features. It has zombies, too. Play here.

Engine D

This is a tech demo with the project name of AlphaDog, just a really short game to showcase what Engine D can do. Play here.


A touch enabled Doodle Jump clone. The free version has Admob ads, and the paid version features a high score submission system. Play here.

Neon Rush

Neon rush is a simple autorunner game. It features very simplistic graphics, but performs pretty good on any computer and has touch support. Play here. Download.


Forgery is a game where you play as a broken artist who has ran out of options and starts counterfeiting money. It was created for a game jam. Play here. Download.


This is a minimalistic text editor that is purely HTML and CSS. It’s not special in any way, but it’s a pleasure to type in. Try here.